Thursday, April 25, 2013


ISO 200, f/5, 1/200, 105mm
  One of the main staples of Spring in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are the Dogwoods blooming. Thousands of people flock to the Smokies in the spring just to capture these beautiful flowering trees.
  With the cool weather that we have been having in the past few months, the Dogwoods seemed to be a week late or so blooming but have now exploded all over and especially in Cades Cove, the primary location to view and photograph them.
  While I was taking this shot, another former Michigander and I were standing along the loop road in Cades Cove just marveling at the color of both the sun striking the flowers and the green and blue background from the trees and mountains in the distance.
 If you ever get the opportunity, I highly suggest getting to Cades Cove in the spring to witness the blooms of the Dogwoods and other flowers and trees. It is quite an incredible time in the Smokies.

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  1. Esta imagem é simplesmente maravilhosa! Esse contraste das flores com o fundo mais escuro ficou incrível. A linha diagonal deixa o movimento do olhar dinâmico.
    É uma composição muito sensível. É um olhar extremamente doce.