Sunday, March 4, 2012


Canon EOS Rebel XS, Promaster 19-35 lens @ 19mm, ISO 100, f/14. 0.5 seconds
  Thursday it was 70° and sunny here in East Tennessee. Trees and flowers were starting to bloom, and spring fever was running rampant.
  Friday a massive series of thunderstorms came through the area and with it, came a cold front.
  This afternoon, Tim Owens and myself had plans to go into Tremont in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and do some photography. The day started out a comfortable 57° and sunny. Looked like a great day for shooting.  By the time we got to Townsend and started to entire Tremont it was overcast and the wind was blowing cold.
  When we got down near the end of Tremont Rd the temperature was in the low 40's and there were snowflakes falling on us as we got out of the car and started taking photos.
  Even though it went from spring back to winter, I still didn't feel as cold as the temperatures suggested I should be.
  After we took some shots at our initial location, we drove back towards the Townsend end of Tremont and found a small waterfall that only comes out in the spring when the rains have flooded everything on top of the mountains and water flows all over. The very top of the visible part of this waterfall was fantastic and fell about 10 feet or so straight down and then cascaded and turned around beautiful moss-covered rocks all the way under the road and joined the rest of the main river.
  When I started up the waterfall, I really noticed this large rock in the center of the stream that the stream divided itself around. I had to have it in the foreground. I arranged a 3 shot pano with portrait orientation with the stream just to the left of the rock leads in from the left of the frame and the rest of the water winds back to the main drop of the waterfall in the background.
  It was overcast so getting a 1/2 second shutter speed in the middle of the day without using an ND filter was really cool.


  1. That's an awesome find. Really like the moss and the color.

  2. This is fabulous Jerry, what a great capture! LOVE the first upper step of the waterfall here, the cascading water drapes the rocks and produces so much interest!