Sunday, January 29, 2012


Canon EOS Rebel XS, Promaster 19-35 lens @ 19mm, ISO 100, f/13, 10 seconds
  It's been two weeks since I have been out exploring and shooting the waterfalls and streams of East Tennessee. Saturday provided the first opportunity for me to get out play around in the Cherokee National Forest and do some photog'ing.
  The morning started at around 6:45am at The Boils along N. River Rd. I have been there several times and the river was swelling with incredible amounts of water. I will cover this in a later post with a shot from there.
  This post, however, was taken off a trail that branches off of N. River Rd and a small creek that empties into the N. River.  I have shot along this creek before (ROCK FUNNEL) but hadn't ventured very far down the creek or trail.  I decided to continue on along the trail and there were several spots along the way that I would have loved to try and photograph but the Rhododendrons were so thick I could not make my way down to the creek bank.
   I came to this outcropping and luckily had my waders on. I took a vantage point out in the middle of the creek and was really trying to accent the awesome green, moss-covered wall on the opposite side.
  I also noticed that as the stream made it's way passed the rocks on the left, a small Eddy formed just past the corner. I have been quite obsessed with catching Eddy's lately and have been extremely lucky in finding them.  I had to apply the ND8 filter on the lens to get a longer shutter speed to take advantage of this. The long exposure really helped accent the rocks under the water by creating a glassy look to it. It also helped carry the streaks of the water all the way down to the lower right side of the frame so I could use it as a leading line through the shot.
  I have several more images from my trip along N. River Rd to share in future posts.


  1. What a fabulous image here, Jerry! That eddy just adds so much intrigue and interest to this shot! Well done, good sir!