Wednesday, December 21, 2011


  It's amazing what happens after you have given up on a sunrise and then all of the sudden nature thrusts something at you totally unexpected.
  After 2 days of rain and gloominess, which provided for my image in my last post, the clouds broke and made for beautiful blue skies on Wednesday. Even though there was going to be a sunrise, I wasn't very excited about the prospects of a photogenic one due to the fact that there weren't any clouds in the sky.
  All the sudden, after I had already entered work, there popped a few clouds to the north and the sunlight started striking them with a pink hue that just screamed for me to photograph them. The lifting fog on the lake made for some more interesting elements for the shot.
  I walked out on one of our docks at work and set up looking at those clouds and used the floating dock for a foreground image.  The still lake made for a wonderful reflection of the dock and pink hued clouds. 
  I had already given up on the morning but luck came my way and I got a beautiful image.


  1. What a spectacular shot, man. This is a real beauty. Nice that you were able to catch this before the sky changed up with the sun getting higher in the sky. Sweet!

  2. Beautiful shot Jerry.

  3. love this one! the light is so great!

  4. I could sit and look at this all day.